Atomised ferrosilicon 45%

Atomised ferrosilicon 45% is manufactured by melting fesi 75% ferrosilicon with premium scrap steel in an induction furnace. The melt is then blown into small particles by high pressure water jetting system. It is then dried and sieved into different grades and packaged as per customerí»s request.

Atomised ferrosilicon 45% is mainly used for welding industries for the manufacturing of welding electrode.

Material Data Sheet

Si: 43-47% úČAl: 1.0% max, Mn: 0.5% max, C: 0.1% max, P: 0.05% max
S: 0.04% max, Cr : 0.3% max, Fe : rest

PARTICLE SIZE (cumulative % above)

Sieve (mm) Min Max
0.355 0
0.150 20 50
0.063 60 90
0.045 75 95

Sizing can be adjusted at customerí»s request
Packing: 1mt, 2mt, or iron drums as per request

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