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  Sinoferro is based in Shanxi, a resources rich region in central China with abundant supplies of minerals, metals and energy generation. We also have a sister company CNL Metal Powders which is based in the port city of Tianjin which has greatly facilitated our export production and shipping due to its proximity to sea port of Xingang, the biggest shipping port in northern China.

  Started in January 2007, we have gradually but steadfastly grown into a reliable supplier of dense medium fesi covering both atomised and milled fesi. Our products have been extensively shipped to various markets around the world to reputable miners and metal processors in Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America in the HMS (DMS) processing of various metals and minerals such as iron ore, manganese, chromite, zinc and lead, copper, etc. Our products have also been widely used by well-known metals recyclers in their metals processing plant in Europe and Asia and they have highly recommended our products to their industry peers.

  Our dense medium fesi has also accumulated growing domestic the market with various major metal smelters being our regular customers. This market started later than their European counterpart but have since grown exponentially to become an major emerging market for world metal processing.

  Apart from dense medium fesi, we also produce atomised fesi 45%, which is mainly used for welding rod manufacturing. We have good knowledge of this products and our products have been regularly supplied to customers in Europe, Turkey, India and also various customers in South East Asia.

  Our growing market share is attributable to our consistent product quality and extremely competitive pricing, plus our dedicated team of professionals who always put customers¨ needs on top priority and our endeavor to meet customers¨ requirement with our best efforts.

  Sinoferro will strive hard to provide dense medium fesi for your efficient separation.

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